Innovative and efficient engineering

When it comes to engineering, our team are all about problem-solving. Whatever combination of technology a locomotive has, old or new, we can improve efficiency with our innovative strategies.​
Fuel and maintenance costs can make locomotives an overwhelming and expensive business. Motive Zero has multiple short and long term strategies to reduce operating, maintenance and refurbishment costs. With us, meeting modern emissions legislation and upgrading transport fleets is an easy and stress-free process.
Motive Zero offers a choice of solutions to suit your business. Whether you need Combined Technologies for an immediate improvement and short investment return, or Hybrid Technology for a highly cost effective larger investment, we can significantly reduce emissions and increase fuel economy.

Hybrid Trains

Hybrid locomotives combine the benefits of diesel engines with battery-power, minimising fuel costs and emissions. 

Hybrid technology involves reducing the generator within a locomotive and installing clean, noise-reducing battery packs, achievable in most vehicle sizes. A complete hybrid electric replacement is at a fraction of the cost to purchasing entire replacement vehicles.


Combined Technologies

Combined technologies look at how each of the separate new technologies within a vehicle complements the next, working to reduce emissions and improve the lifespan of locomotives. 

With a transformative approach, the right combination of technology can significantly shrink the cost of rail, delivering long-term solutions with a fast return on investment.