Our Founders

Thought leadership and innovation


Mike Edwards

Mike is a specialist in delivering high value and innovative developments, most recently in the high performance electric and hybrid powertrain sector. 

He has a long history of designing internal combustion engines, innovative electric motors, rapid charging systems and high power battery packs. After leaving his role as Global Head of Technology Strategy for a major European Investment Bank, he ran a niche financial consulting company for over a decade. 

A change in outlook saw him turn to motorcycle racing, running a team competing in the World SuperBikes paddock before entering the British SuperBike championship where the team won a number of races and set lap records that have remained to the present day. 

Mike’s previous work has included conversion of F1 electronics systems for use in aviation, development of cutting edge electric motorcycles and revolutionising the freight rail sector with class leading powertrain and control systems for existing and new locomotives.  


Rob Bruerton

Rob is a specialist in emissions reduction technology for internal combustion engines.

Previously working as an Engineering Apprenticeship, on hydraulic controls for Concorde, he then had a period oversees managing and restructuring a Sawmill in Nigeria. Returning to UK, Rob assisted in the design and delivery of a novel two stoke diesel engine, a six-wheel drive and first four door Range Rover (the door design which was subsequently adopted by British Leyland!) and a prototype sports car.

Subsequently, Rob was involved in recycling in Germany and UK this base lead to a deeper understanding that reducing the emissions from engines needed addressing, as engines to move heavy transport will undoubtably continue for many years into the future. Reducing the emissions that engines produce rather than rely on after treatment has been the goal. Through evaluating and combining emissions reducing technologies appropriately, Rob now works on downsizing engines and developing hybrid power trains to ensure less fuel is also consumed.